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Retail lighting includes all light fixtures to make retail space visible, and highlight products or areas of retail stores. Different light types (accent, task, ambient and decorative) are layered to achieve the desired outcome.

Retail lighting can be a major strategy in merchandising. It can light up your store and make it easy for shoppers to explore your products. It also strengthens store display by effectively highlighting products.

Zoomable Track Light

Trunk Light Downlight

LED Track Light System

LED Gimbal Lights

Dimmable Track Light

Retractable Spotlight

LED Wall Washer

Dimmable Spotlight

COB Type Spotlight

Adjustable Spotlight

High Power Downlight

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LED Projector

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Surface-mounted Projector

Fresnel LED Light

Dali Spotlight

Linear Wall Washer

The Goals of Retail Lighting

  1. Attracting customers to the store and guiding them safely and effectively inside.
  2. Retail lighting plays a crucial role in promoting the brand or corporate identity. It is designed to leave a memorable first impression of the store’s image and effectively showcase the products and their prices to customers.
  3. Creating an aesthetically pleasing shopping environment, retail lighting enhances the sense of comfort and satisfaction for customers.
  4. Promoting products by highlighting their features, colors, shapes, and textures, retail lighting also effectively prevents glare.
  5. When effectively installed, retail lighting can create a buying desire in customers by establishing a serene and inviting atmosphere.Increase in sales as a consequence of a serene, safe shopping environment.
  6. An increase in sales is a direct consequence of creating a serene and safe shopping environment.
  7. At Elite LED, our retail lighting solutions are meticulously designed to not only illuminate your space effectively but also to minimize energy consumption. By utilizing cutting-edge LED technology, we empower our clients to reduce their electrical energy usage significantly, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Things to Consider When Selecting Retail Lighting

  1. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) measures the color temperature of light in Kelvin (K). White light falls into three general categories: warm, neutral, and cold, with respective temperatures of 2700K/3000K, 4000K, and 5700K/6500K.
  2. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) quantifies how accurately a light source reproduces colors compared to a reference source. CRI values range from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating better color rendering. Natural light sources like the sun and incandescent lamps typically have a CRI index of 100, serving as standard references for color accuracy.
  3. In store lighting design, it’s essential to consider the reflections of light on various surfaces within the space.
  4. Contrast: Retail spaces should strike a balance, ensuring visitors feel comfortable while effectively showcasing notable goods and other areas of the store.

Supermarkets Light

LED Linear High Bay

Suspended LED Panel

LED Troffer

High Bay with Sensor

LED Linear Profile

LED Tube Light

LED Track System

4-Wire Track System

4 ft. Tube Light

Magnetic Track Light

Suspended Linear Fixture

Wall-mounted High Bay

Asymmetric High Bay

LED Low Bay

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High Bay with PC Diffuser

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