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LED drivers are a crucial part of modern lighting systems because their capability and intelligence affect the final result. Whether your goal is dimming, flicker-safe, tunable white, or human-centric lighting, your LED driver determines the Quality of Light you get.

Constant Voltage LED Driver

IP67 LED Driver

Constant Current LED Driver

Dimmable LED Driver

0 to 10V Dimming

Dali 2 Control

Dimming Solutions, We Provide

Traditional Dimming

Traditional dimmable drivers lower the intensity of light. This practice is common with every type of light.

  • Dimming of electrical potential (decrease in power): Phase control
  • Dimming of control signal (analogue): 0-10V, 1-10V
  • Dimming of the control signal (digital): DALI
Dynamic Dimming
  • Natural light’s shades of color and tone change throughout the day.
  • Dimming techniques are used to create a natural feel by controlling LED color (CCT) from dim to warm, tunable white, and spatial behavior. This results in a light that fits the space and creates a natural lighting effect.
RGBW and Advance Color Blending

RGBW-controlled, multi-channel systems now enable full-spectrum lighting solutions and manage multiple lighting sources or luminaries.

Dim to Dark and Smooth Dimming

Natural dimming is the key to optimizing your lighting along with controlled step size that impacts visual experience.

Types of LED Drivers

Constant Current LED Drivers

A constant voltage driver is used for LED products that require a steady and constant DC voltage to keep them performing well.

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Constant current LED driver manages the actual current that comes into the LEDs. This type of driver helps to regulate the amount of current forwarding that can occur between the LEDs.

IP68 LED Driver

Touch Panels/DMX Control

Drivers For Linear Light

IP20 Driver

DMX Control

Phase Dimming