Interior Lights

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LED Spotlights

Recessed Spotlights

Deep Recessed Spot Lights is a combination of exquisitely-textured finish, and deep recess of the highest quality LED light sources to form a sculptural blend of architecture and science. When installed, the ceiling appears as if crafted from a thick, rich material, and the room glows with striking colors rendered in crisp, white light. The deeper recess allows for a tighter beam spread and visual comfort when in use.
LED Spotlight
Recessed Wall Washers
Trim less Spotlight
Non-Dimmable Spotlight
Anti-Glare Spot Light
Square Spotlight
Adjustable Spotlight
Retractable spotlight
Square Adjustable Spotlight
Narrow Beam Spotlight
Dimmable Spotlight
Dali Dimmable Spotlight
Floor Recessed Spotlight
Recessed Pin Light
Anti-glare floor recessed light
Inground spotlight
IP67 Spotlight
Wall Recessed Spot Light

Shallow Spotlights

If you have limited space available in your ceiling void to mount a standard recessed downlight, then check out our range of shallow downlights designed to ensure your space is maximized to its full potential, while you enjoy the type of lighting you desire.

Shallow Spotlight
Low Profile Spotlight
Small Mounting Depth Spotlight
Low Ceiling Spotlight
Small Spotlight
Fixed Spotlight

Low Wattage Spotlights

Our range of miniature LED spotlights is suitable for display lighting in cabinets, bookcases, shoe racks, and jewelry displays, or they can even be used as ambient lighting. Miniature LED spotlights are usually used for accent lighting in an indoor area.

Cabinet Spotlight
Micro Pivoting LED Spotlight
Mini Spotlight
Nano Spotlight
LED Spotlight for Shelves
Miniature Spotlight

IP Rated Spotlights

The amount of water and moisture that present where you mount your LED light will determine whether you choose to purchase a wet-rated light (IP65), or a damp-rated light (IP54). Homeowners are always safe, since safety standards and measures are put in place to ensure all products comply with industry standards of safety for electrical engineering products.

IP65 Spotlight
Fire Rated Spotlight
IP66 Spotlight
IP54 Spotlight
Waterproof Spotlight
Wet Area Spotlight

LED Light Engines and Frames

High-quality, low-cost light engines with selectable metal and plastic frames can be used in various applications. Modular designs that are flexible and easy to replace in a standard 50mm diameter can be fit into any compatible frame type.

GU10 Lamp
High Power GU10 Lamp
50mm LED Light Engine
Dimmable LED Light Engine
Dimmable GU10 Lamp
Direct Mains Light Engine
Double Head LED Light Frame
LED Frame
LED Frame with GU10 Lamp
Trims and Frames
Special Finishes Frames
Round LED Frame

LED Downlights

LED downlights are recommended for indoor applications where uniform lighting with low glare (UGR<19) and flicker-free lights are required. IP54 and IP65 LED lights can also be used in wet, humid and dusty areas. LED down lights are used to replace traditional CFL. To reduce energy wastage by approximately 60%, new installations are available in different sizes (4, 6 and 8 inches) suitable for residential and commercial spaces.

LED Downlight
Adjustable Downlight
Dimmable Downlight
Multi Head Downlight
Square Shape Downlight
Deep COB Downlight
Trunk Downlight
High Power Downlight
Downlight with PC Diffuser
Downlight with Specular Reflector
Low Glare Downlight
Dali Dimmable Downlight

IP Rated Downlights

Wet area downlights are rated IP65. This means that they are dust-tight and waterproof, suitable for bathrooms (zones 1 and 2), kitchens, and other rooms where splashing and vapor would make lower-rated downlights not only unsuitable, but potentially dangerous. Providing bright directional light of IP65 rating, means they are also suitable as an external downlight, typically installed under soffits or false ceilings for general illumination. IP65 LED downlights are a great option for lower energy consumption, and are available in a range of color choices and wattages from top lighting supply brands.

IP65 Downlight
IP54 Downlight
Wet Area Downlight
IP44 Downlight
Fire Rated Downlight
Waterproof Downlight

Surface Mounted Downlights

Surface-mounted downlights are used for indoor and outdoor applications. They are mounted on a flat surface like the flat part of a ceiling, and protrude away from the surface. They are sometimes also called ceiling-mounted lights. These light fixtures emit diffused light with the help of an acrylic diffuser light source that provides low glare characteristics. These lights come in a range of sizes and mounting options for a wide range of applications. Surface-mounted downlights can be provided with various finishes, mounting options, optics (narrow, medium and wide beams), along with IP rating for outdoor and wet area application.

Surface Mounted Downlight
Surface Mount Panels
Cylindrical Downlight
Adjustable Downlight
Circular Downlight
Multi Head Downlight

Suspended Downlights

Pendant lights, also known as pendant lamps or hanging lamps, are one the most fascinating lighting accessories to decorate your homes with. Customers can make their choice from a wide range of decorative LED pendant lights for their indoor and outdoor spaces. Suspended downlights are used as functional downlights or ambient lighting in an indoor application for homogeneous light distribution, and to reduce glare. Pendant lights can be used in the dining and living rooms, providing illumination over dining tables, kitchen islands, countertops, bars, and coffee tables, and are available in different material finishes, color temperatures, shapes and sizes.

Decorative Downlight
Suspended Downlight
Cylindrical Pendant
Round Linear Downlight
Linear Downlight
Square Panel
Round Pendant
Multi Spot Round Pendant
Glass Pendant
Industrial Style Pendant
Multi-Colour Downlight
Multi- Shapes Pendant Light

LED Panels

LED panel lighting is designed for both residential and commercial applications. This type of light fixture is made to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. It can be mounted on suspended grid or recessed ceilings. Various sizes are available to meet legacy CFL replacement and new installation requirements. LED panels and downlights can be used with remote, inbuilt motion sensors or PIR sensors to reduce power consumption in lobbies and walkways, along with daylight sensors to harvest daylight and reduce energy consumption.

LED Panel 60x120cm
Surface Mount LED Panel
LED Panel 60x60cm
LED Panel 30x30cm
LED Grid Panel
LED Square Panel
LED Round Panel
Panel Downlight
Recessed Round Panel
LED Slim Panel
8 Inch Slim Panel
Low Glare Panel
Motion Sensor
LED Panel with Motion Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Daylight Sensors
Recessed LED Sensor
LED Panels
Clean Room LED Panels
Customized LED Panels
LED Panel for CAR Showrooms
Office Lighting
Stretch Ceiling
LED Panels for Grid Ceiling

LED Strips and Aluminum Profile

LED strips are also known as LED tapes or LED ribbon lights, and are used in various commercial and residential applications. They are easy to install due to their low-profile size and flexibility. LED strips are cut to size with adhesive, waterproof, and normal protection (IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68), and are available in different LED chip densities. The density of an LED chip is the number of LEDs that are in a set area. It can be 30, 60 or 120 LEDs/meter. LED chip density equates with high quality and brightness. Another important specification of LED strips is lumen per watts. Lumen is the measurement of brightness as perceived by the human eye.

LED Strips Installation Methods

LED strips are installed or mounted on a special aluminum profile with a PC diffuser to achieve a uniform and clean illumination. It also provides added protection to the LED chip. Apart from physical characteristics, it provides heat sink capabilities to the onboard chipset. Various sizes of aluminum profiles can be used as per site requirements.

Control Techniques

Our range of miniature LED spotlights is suitable for display lighting in cabinets, bookcases, shoe racks, and jewelry displays, or they can even be used as ambient lighting. Miniature LED spotlights are usually used for accent lighting in an indoor area.


Dimmable LED drivers can be used to dim lighting intensity using different dimming techniques such as phase dimming, 1-10v Dali, or constant voltage LED drivers. It is recommended to connect each roll (commercial LED strips come in 5-meter rolls) with a separate LED driver to keep LED brightness (intensity) the same all over the circuit. Color changing and scene selection can be done with the help of the DMX controller DMX512. DMX512 is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control lighting and effects. Dimming/Color changing interface can be rotary or touch, or through a remote or mobile interface.

Cove Lights
LED Strip Warm White
Direct Main LED Strip
COB Type LED Strip
Addressable LED Strip
LED Modules
220VAC LED Strip
Pixel Sheet
High Brightness LED Module
RGBW LED Modules
High Power LED Modules
Slim Aluminium Profile
Aluminium Profile 15x17mm
Trim Less Aluminium Profile
Angled Aluminium Profile
Connectable LED Lights
Magnetic Linear Lights
Cabinet Sensor Switch
Recessed Aluminium Profile
Cabinet Switch
Cabinet Light Sensor
Cabinet Linear Light
LED Light Hanger

Fiber Optic Lights

Tiny, small or miniature LED spotlight fixtures are extremely versatile and powerful, and can be used for various applications like accent light and, in some cases, as a task light in luxury products showcases (gold, diamond, watches, and other luxury items display.

Fiber Optic Light
Fiber Optic Light Engine
Fiber Optic Kit for Ceiling
Fiber Optic Kit for Night Sky Effect
Fiber Optic Kit for Swimming Pool
Fiber Optic Light Modules
Night Sky Light Effect
Fiber Optic Light Ceiling
Fiber Optic Chandelier
Fiber Optic
Fiber Optic Light Screen


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