About Us

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Recognized for highest quality

S.E.T. Lighting is part S.E.T. group of companies established in 1999, S.E.T. (Sigma Electromechanical Trading L.L.C.).

Elite LED Lighting is recognized for designing and supplying the highest quality products and innovative ideas in LED Technologies. Our comprehensive and diversified portfolio consists of all kinds of LED lighting solutions including lighting design and supply of commercial, residential, and industrial lighting.

Our Vision

Our company was built with the dream of becoming a leader in LED lighting design and supply services to the lighting industry in the UAE. We strive to achieve this by providing cutting-edge solutions in collaboration with our international manufacturing partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become leading suppliers and designers in LED lighting across the UAE, by providing bespoke and customer-focused lighting designs, supply, and implementation services.

Our Partners

Elite LED’s primary goal is to provide safe and modern lighting designs to satisfy our clients. One major reason for our success in achieving this, is our partnership with world leaders in the industry. We are connected with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. This partnership has helped us provide high quality designs that last long, are safe and customizable to every client’s needs, and require very minimal maintenance.

Our Products

Our products are tested strictly with the highest international quality standards and comply with environmental considerations.

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Our Safe and Reliable Lighting Solutions

Elite LED Lighting consists of specialized and highly experienced team players that are committed to providing an excellent customer experience with our lighting and design products. Our skilled engineers, lighting designers, and technicians together form a strong force that is ever ready to deliver premium quality throughout the process; from design to supply to commissioning, and finally to customer service.