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External brilliance

Our LED façade lighting solutions focus on external brilliance, offering a range of options to create an immersive visual experience. Our team of expert lighting designers utilizes advanced techniques and tools, including DAILux Evo and Photoshop presentations, to develop both static and dynamic façade lighting effects. By using IES files from trusted suppliers, we ensure precise and effective lighting designs.

Our eco-friendly LED façade lighting solutions generate minimal or no heat, providing optimal light color scene control. Dynamic LED fixtures are capable of producing color changes, flickers, and various dynamic effects, supported by modern control systems such as DMX512, RGB-W, and RGB-Amber. These fixtures can also integrate with outdoor sensors for daylight and dawn-to-dusk settings.

Our wide range of LED products includes: LED spotlights, LED uplighters, LED up and down lights, LED projectors with single color and RGBW options, LED wall washers, Floodlights, IP67 LED strips, and LED neon flex.

Wall washers and spotlights are ideal for highlighting architectural features, while LED floodlights can distinguish buildings from their darker surroundings.

LED Projector

IP67 Projector

LED Floor Light

RGB Projector

Narrow Beam Projector

Surface Mount Projector

Adjustable Inground Projector

LED Inground Light IP68

High Power Flood Light

LED Trick Light

RGBW Projector

Asymmetric Flood Light

Direct-view Linear Light

Inground Linear Light

LED Linear Wall Washer

360° Track Light

Ground-mounted Projector

Wall-mounted Projector

LED Wall Light

Flexible Pixel Mesh

LED Pixel Light

RGBW Linear Light

Media Facade Light

Pixel Mesh


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