Elite LED

Exterior Lights

In-ground Lights

Recessed in-ground lights combine the benefits of dynamic light and discreet installation. The recessed light housing can be made to fit any type of surface with a trim ring available in beveled and flush-mount versions for discreet installation day and night. Recessed linear fixtures provide high output and are available in both cove and graze light versions.

IP67 In-ground Recessed Spotlight

IP67 In-ground Linear Light

IP68 In-ground Projector

Walk Over Light

LED Drive Over Light

IP68 Pool Deck Light

LED Adjustable Projector

High Power LED Projector

Linear Wall Washer

Asymmetric Wall Washer

RGBW Projector

IP67 Projector

LED Projectors

LED projectors and spike lights are an amazingly flexible form of outdoor lighting that can be used, repositioned, and adjusted in order to best enhance space. They can be used to define pathways, highlight statues, shrubs, and small trees; accentuate flower beds and water features; or throw light onto buildings.
Spike lights combine excellent quality with sleek, good looks.

LED Spike Light

LED Projector

Narrow Beam Spotlight

GU10 Spotlight

Square Shape Spike Light

Surface-mounted LED Projector

High Power LED Projector

RGBW Projector

DMX Control LED Projector

LED Projector for Façade

Wide Beam LED Projector

Programable LED Projector

Surface-mounted LED Linear Light

LED Flood Light

RGBW Flood Light

Ground-mounted LED Flood Light

Linear Wall Washer

RGB Wall Washer

Outdoor LED Strips

LED Flex offers you premium linear lighting for your interior and exterior lighting projects. We have a range of innovative lighting options from 2100K – 6500K and are waterproofed up to IP68.

Flexible IP67/IP68 luminaires offer various illuminated surfaces and bending directions. Each of them uses polyurethane encapsulation material, offering premium waterproof sealing, UV resistance, chemical stability against urban gazes, and protection against abrasion damage.

Applications: Outdoor LED flexible strips are great for outdoor applications such as patios, stairs, gazebos, umbrellas, walkways, barbeque areas, entertainment centers, railings, and more. These strips can connect to your current power system or can be added as a new system.

IP67 LED Flexible Strip

IP68 LED Strip

LED Flex for Swimming Pool Area

Bendable Aluminium Profile

Top Bending LED Flex

RBW Neon Flex

LED Strip for Steps

Side Bending LED Flex

LED Strip for Swimming Pool

LED Flex

COB Type LED Strip

IP65 LED Strip Light

Wall & Ceiling Lights

Swimming Pool Lights

Elite LED has been supplying extremely robust, permanently waterproof, recessed, and surface-mounted LED lights for nearly every underwater lighting application in Dubai.

Our extensive range of swimming pool lights with IP68 protection includes options for both professional and private use. Our complete product portfolio features mini spotlights, spotlights, pool sidelights, IP68 LED Flex (Neon Flex), and powerful spotlights suitable for general and competition-scale pool usage.

For dramatic floating effects, we offer waterproof underwater LED neon flex with various control options, including RGBW and DMX. Compatible mounting systems (aluminum profiles and plastic profiles) with diffusers simplify installation and replacement.

Our swimming pool lighting solutions utilize reliable power supplies from trusted brands like Meanwell, Philips, and Tridonic, ensuring added protection and reliability.

Fountain Light

IP68 LED Flex

LED Strips for Pool Areas

RGB Swimming Pool Light

LED Pool Light Fixture

IP68 Wall Spotlight

Fountain Projector

12V AC/DC Power Supply

Pool Side Light

IP67 Pool Projector

Wall Recessed Light

Swimming Pool Light


Facade Lights