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Elite LED

The highest quality products and innovative ideas in LED Technologies.


Sigma Electromechanical Trading L.L.C. (S.E.T.), a subsidiary of SET Group established in 1999, is the parent company of Elite LED. Renowned for excellence and innovation, S.E.T. has consistently delivered top-tier solutions, setting industry standards and exceeding client expectations.


Recognized for highest quality

Elite LED is a trademark of Sigma Electromechanical Trading L.L.C., a subsidiary of S.E.T. group of companies established in 1999.

Elite LED is renowned for designing and supplying top-quality products and innovative solutions in LED technology. Our comprehensive and diversified portfolio includes a wide range of LED lighting solutions, encompassing commercial, residential, and industrial lighting. We specialize in both lighting design and supply, ensuring our clients receive the best in illumination and efficiency.

To serve you better
Bespoke Lighting Design

Elite LED Design Teams create an inviting ambiance that maximizes both functionality and aesthetics for your space. Our bespoke designs ensure your space has a unique and captivating look, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

LED Technology Experts

Our proven expertise and high-tech solutions demonstrate our deep understanding of cutting-edge LED technology and architectural lighting requirements. We are your partners in creating professional LED applications.

Value Engineering

Our value-engineered and application-driven solutions result in reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective lighting. Our designers ensure ease of control and provide flexibility for future extensions, allowing for seamless upgrades and adaptability to evolving needs.

Product Support

Elite LED offers comprehensive support from idea conception to design and implementation. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and successful project completion.

On-Time Delivery

We are committed to delivering on time and meeting your project schedule, ensuring that your deadlines are met without compromising on quality.



Since its establishment in 1999, S.E.T. Group of Companies has experienced unprecedented growth. As a key member of the group, Elite LED has quickly emerged as a leader in the LED lighting design industry across the region.

We continually challenge ourselves to deliver exceptional design services by utilizing the highest quality supplies and employing the sharpest minds in the field.

Our clients’ expectations have risen, knowing that we have capable experts ready to bring their unique designs to life. Our solutions are trusted by clients, and we take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering premium quality and exceptional service.

Our customers drive our continuous improvement. We promise them “the best quality at the best price, even within the tightest delivery schedules.”

My team and I believe our clients are part of our extended family, a bond we strive to maintain indefinitely. We prove this by delivering top-notch services every single time. Elite LED is committed to innovation and serving clients in a manner that meets the highest international standards.

Alain Aoun
Our Vision

Our company was founded with the vision of becoming a leader in LED lighting design and supply services for the regional lighting industry. We aim to achieve this by delivering cutting-edge solutions in partnership with our esteemed international manufacturing collaborators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transcend as the premier suppliers and innovators in LED lighting throughout the region. We strive to achieve this by delivering tailor-made, customer-centric lighting solutions coupled with impeccable supply and seamless implementation services.

Our Partners

At Elite LED, our foremost objective is to deliver cutting-edge and secure lighting solutions that impeccably meet the diverse needs of our clients. A pivotal catalyst driving our success is our strategic alliance with global frontrunners in the industry. This collaboration empowers us to offer top-tier products renowned for their safety, efficiency, customization capabilities, and enduring quality, requiring minimal maintenance over their extended lifespan.

Our Products

We meticulously test our products to meet our strict internal quality standards and ensure they adhere to safety and environmental requirements.


Safe and Reliable Lighting Solutions

Elite LED is composed of a specialized and highly experienced team dedicated to delivering an outstanding customer experience through our comprehensive supply and design services. Our team of skilled engineers, lighting designers, and technicians work seamlessly together, ensuring premium quality at every stage—from design and supply to commissioning and customer service.




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